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    Hi everyone

    Solved one problem now hiere's the next ( really love this forum ) Why does it take so long to download a program. Some of them our serching for days. I get verified movies and am always willing to share but I can't seem to get a whole lot of connections. I have cable so it's not speed any suggestions. Point of interest: Final destination 2 2of2 has been serching now for three days. I know it's there it just wont connect. Help again -_-


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    asked the same question yesterday and they said if the files are rare ones it will take a long time.
    What i dont understand is why they are rare if there put on kazaa they should be sharing all over
    so it must be possible to be a hog and not share with everbody.try useing speedup a make sure your
    settings are right .I personally LOVE TO SHARE

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    if somebody ripps a movie and post it as a verified he's actually the only one who has it.
    Because of this it will take some time until you connect to the same SN as the one who made the rip or to someone who already got it.

    I hope this made some sense.

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    try node hopping to find more sources

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    When the searching takes to long for me I pause the download for a few seconds and the resume it again. Most of the time it starts again within a minute.

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    What you can do as well, especially with movies is to search for normal title like Final Destination,, and leave it to search for a while, restart kazaa and i mean by closing and then openning it again,, most the times i get new files, i think because it connects to supernodes, not really sure but it mostly works for me ^__^


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