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Thread: Error While Previewing With Videolan

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    when I try to preview mp3's or mpeg's with videoLan I am getting a VL has commited a illegal procedure ol32.dll and I have to close it everytime then kazaa lite starts acting up and it says the samething for kazaalite (kazaalite has commite a illegal procedure ol32.dll and I must close that program as well and finally the same for Aol whats the reason for this
    I just downloaded VideoLan today and its part of my Preview with... in kazaa please help
    and in the work directory where do I set videoLan to right now i have it at
    is this correct?

    thanks for your help......

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    try reinstalling videolan, sounds like a bad install or bad download

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    also when I try to open an mp3 through videolan from the desktop the mp3 plays like its the chipmunks and there is a beep every 3 seconds these are from mp3 files that I know are good I have uninstalled videolan and redownloaded it and it hasnt helped and I am still having the same problem when using videolan through kazaa with the previewing option help please thanks..........


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