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Thread: Warcraft Iii

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    just got warcraft III.iso,copied it to disc and installed,but it keeps showing the error,cant find cd,insert cd and try again,so ive downloaded loads of no-cd cracks,but all of them fail,do i need to get an update patch from the blizzard site,then install a no cd crack?if so which version update with which version crack?or is there a surefire way to burn the disc,i heard clone dvd works but want to know if anyones tried it and had success?please help..
    just installed the version 13 patch and the version 13 no cd crack,the intro plays but then it crashes showing a critical error,anyone know what im doing wrong?

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    Where did you get it from?

    If you got it from Kazaa its probably corrupted like hell.

    Try cdmage on the cd image then reinstall.

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    ive used cdmage,the files fine,ive tried burning the disc using cd clone,blindwrite,etc,but cant seem to get the copy protection off.maybe im just not utilising the settings right.any tips on what program to use and the right settings?its installed,i just need to make a "play cd" to run the game from.or an appropiate patch or crack that works.


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