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Thread: Whats The Best P2p Program

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    I am looking to replace K-lite but i dont know what would be the best client do download. I download music, movies and programs. any suggestions?


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    Kazaa Lite & Bittorent

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    IIm using K-lite right now. I tried to get files from K-lite but when ever i start do download all i get is that the file is queued, im assuming that Sharman has sucessfully shut down the k-lite network???

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    I jumped supernode and that seemed to work Im going to look at bittorrent right now

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    Originally posted by Big_Rob@26 December 2003 - 17:56
    I jumped supernode and that seemed to work Im going to look at bittorrent right now
    Yup and read The FAQ too ,cause it helps a lot

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    WinMX looked good
    but when i say it looked
    i mean i typed a search in
    i got loads of results
    but the Downloads hardly worked!?!

    so its kaz all the way for me

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    I think WinMX works like eMule ( kind of servers related ) that's why is slow.

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    what about bear share? i think its better than kazaa
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    Bearshare use Gnutella , and is full with spyware.

    Power&#33; Reference.
    OnFlow - Installed by BearShare among others. The company that makes this beastie describes its purpose fairly well on its own It is a browser plug-in designed specifically to display advertising, usually of the large, loud and flashing variety.
    SaveNow (WhenUShop) - Installed by BearShare among others. Put quickly, an advertising toolbar that monitors what sites you visit and pops up sponsored "deals" when products/shopping/etc. appears on those sites.dlder.exe - An advertising trojan that is installed by Grokster (1.33), Bearshare (2.4.0b7), LimeWire (2.02), Net2Phone (unspecified versions) and KaZaA (unspecified versions). The spyware itself comes from Taking the torch from even the worst advertising spyware to date, this one creates a fake Explorer executable and process to hide its activities. Some antivirus manufacturers have listed this as a virus or trojan horse: TROJ_DLDER.A.


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    Use bittorrent, see it R&R

    Not only complete CD&#39;s but complete work of an artist (multiple CD&#39;s)

    No fakes..

    It really works and fast too

    Have fun&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

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