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Thread: 100 Or 10 ?

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    in shareeza it says d/l rate 100kbs now is that 100 or 10.00 cuz in bt , klite, soulseek if it says 100 it is so in shareeza wats the real speed ??

    thanx :helpsmile: :helpsmile:

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    by default sharaza shows kilabits per second, where as every other thing like kazza shows kilabytes per second, basically if sharaza is showing 100kb/s then the speed is 12.5 kB/s. just divide by 8.

    also if you want sharaza to show the same kB/s that kazza shows, just go into the settings and you can change it there

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    Originally posted by k-liteuserintheworld@26 December 2003 - 19:29
    It's kilo, just to let you know.

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    Watch out! here come the Killa Bits! Hide!

    sorry about that...


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