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Thread: Just Got A Mini Dv Cam For Christmas...

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    It came with some software, but I am assuming it is all crap and there is much better, more "user friendly" stuff out there.

    The gift was a bit of a surprise so I don't even know what I am going to do with the thing... any suggestions for use would be accepted as well.

    The cam is some new model Panasonic 3 in 1 type deal. It has a flash memory card for pictures and MPEG4s, and it is a normal DV Cam.

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    pinnacle studio, there's one on kazaa with a crack and it works real sweet

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    I got same thing here
    What pinnacle studio? theres abouta million of em on there

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    I bet the pinnacle studio is for the video editing.

    Whats a decent software to manage pictures, and buy managing I mean getting it out of the camera.

    And MPEG4s, I know little to nothing about them?

    This camera can also be used as a web cam...and the manual directs you to use NetMeeting. There has to be a better option than that?


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