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    YMPEG is a first Freeware MPEG Codec which can integrate itself with Windows and offers seamless encoding from your favorite application

    YMPEG is Windows AVI codec (VFW). After installation, it becomes part of Windows so that it can be used by any application which uses Windows Compression Manager (like VirtualDub, Adobe Premiere, AE, Vegas etc.). It can also be use for real-time MPEG encoding.

    YMPEG Supports:

    MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD (ISO/IEC 13818, 11172), DVD, KVCD (non-standard), CVD
    Audio Layer 1, 2
    Variable and Constant Bit Rates
    and lot more.....See configuration dialog in tutorial for more features

    YMPEG Advantages:

    Direct encoding from your favorite applications without any intermediate file or frame servers. This is most simplest way to create MPEG files.
    YMPEG is only MPEG codec which integrates with OS (as far as I know).
    Real-time Encoding
    Highest Applications Compatibility
    Very good Quality
    Rich set of options.
    Very handy in converting to MPEG from other formats
    SDK to integrate with your own software
    FREE (However, can not be shipped with any commercial products, link is fine).

    Initial implementation of YMPEG was based on various freeware including BBMPEG and MPEG Software Simulation Group (MSSG) source code. However, current version of YMPEG is enhanced with much faster and sophisticated algorithms (but still experimental) .

    YMPEG produces good output at high speed though there is a big scope for enhancement.

    Using YMPEG

    Using YMPEG is as simple as selecting YMPEG as video and audio compression codec from your application.See YMPEG tutorial using VirtualDub..

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