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Thread: Web Cam Software?

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    I know nothing about Web Cams

    All I know is that I just got a camcorder that can be used as one.

    The owners manual directs you to use netmeeting for you web cam.

    The has to be other better option?

    Is there?

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    anyone every use a web cam?

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    there should be software driver that come with the webcam when u purchased it

    install the driver and ur good to go

    use msn messenger or yahoo messenger ur auto hooked up and ready to go

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    it is a video camera that can be used as a web cam that has no web cam software.

    has anyone every used a web cam with windows messanger or AIM?

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    Nope mines connected to Yahoo with Logitech software doing the rest.
    Name your camcorder someone might be able to help then.


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