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Thread: Corrupted Songs

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    I have a question. This is getting to be very annoying. Some songs i download have little beeps in them that sound similar to phone error messages, that 3 tone ascending beep. Is this copyright protection when people are ripping cd's or is this the RIAA's futile attempt to mix in bad sogns with good ones to discourage people from downloading? I know two good examples of songs i can't find clean copies of:

    Fuel - Won't Back Down - There are no good copies of this song anyway. I have searched like 16 differnet copies on kazaa and on other places on the internet, i can't find a good copy anywhere! I think all of them just about have the firt beep or glitch at 1:27 through the song.

    Seether - Driven Under - Same thing, i don't know if thats right about the time on this one but it has the exact same errors in it. Oh yea the first one is 2:10 of the way through. This one has a sound similar to swinging something sharp through the air, nothing like the phone error one of the previous song.

    Can someone please help me? Thanks!

    PS: I don't know how copyright protection could do this by just making some beeps. It seems it would just not rip at all? I was thinking of buying both of these albums just to get a good copy of these song but i don' t think i want to they're expensive . I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give.

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    I think you'll find it's the signature of whoever has ripped the song. A way of marking it's one of theirs if you like.

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    Those people should be shot

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    I agree. It sounds f*cking horrible. I want a copy of that song so bad, you'd think someone with some sense would rip it but i guess not!

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    I had the exact same problem downloadeing seether i gave up on finding the clean version on kazaa so i downloaded it off Winmx i'm now the only user on kazaa with the full seether album without any f8ucking beeps or swishes.

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    well well yeah the old screeching mp3s??

    never heard anything about it totally ludicrous you must be insane kazaa is the bets P2P program we all no that of course


    did anyone take me seriously/?

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    you mean you were joking?

    say it isnt so!!!!!........................

    I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile.
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    Nice, as always. ;

    Somebody oughta mention --&#62; Soulseek <-----&#62; Klf Music World <-- ...

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