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Thread: Rpg Help

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    Hi. can any one give me some ideas on some good RPG games
    (for the pc). Befor anyone post's anything, you should know that i have a crapy computer.
    AMD 475 Mhz
    184 MB ram
    on board sound card (crap)
    on board video card (crap)

    I have Baldur's Gate and it was amazing. i was thinking of d/l Neverwinter Nights but i can only find it in .iso, so i don't want to d/l all three parts, put them on CD'S just to find out my dumb ass cumputer can't handel it.

    Thanxxx for any help you can give

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    Someone, anyone?????????/

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    Any of the King's Quests
    Return to Krondor
    Betrayal at Krondor
    Diablo and Diablo II

    I know that some of those games aren't necessarily "great," but they're entertaining, at least. Neverwinter Nights won't run on that machine, so I wouldn't bother trying.
    A good source for RPGs would be to grab an SNES emulator and a bunch of ROMs.
    You could also go to the Underdogs which has enough games to keep you busy for years.
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    i am on that underdog site right now, and it look pretty good.
    I have almost every snes rpg ever made, and i have beaten almost all of them . I have also killed both of the Krondor and Diablo games. I think I'll try the King's Quests and Sanitorium one's.
    Anyone have any other suggestions??????

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    You will love "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" I already finished it. By the way I also have a crappy
    computer. I have a 400 mhz. But it runs great. Let me know! Well this is more of a Quake type
    game rather than rpg but you should still try it.

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    i have tryed Return to Castle Wolfenstein, it's ........ok but nothing big. i have never been big on action-shooter type games. i kind of like Simulation and Strategy games, but i LOVE rpg's. B)

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    RtCW is the best online game ever, IMO.

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    American McGee's "Alice"
    Clive Barker's "The Undying"
    "Theif Gold"
    "Tomb Raider" (all of them)

    I think these 3D games are considered as role playing games. Probably not what you want.

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    I hope you don't mind playing old MS DOS games?

    My favorite game is Dungeon Master! (The graphics suck comparing to the one's now but the game play is really cool&#33
    Or Eye of The Beholder I and II, but still.., these are very old games! BUT I LIKE THEM!

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    well theres lots of RPGs out now....
    Lets take the MMORPG genre for example
    Dark Age of Camelot
    Everquest 2
    Asherons Call
    Asherons Call 2
    Star Wars Galaxies
    Ragnarok Online
    Ultima Online
    Earth and Beyond

    and many others at that..
    while most cost money
    some are free (Ragnarok and HelBreath)

    so if u have a fast connection go and dl them.

    On the other hand if you computer has a AGP slot you could simply buy yourself a Geforce 4 Ti4200 for about $125 dollars which isnt really that much and then you will be enjoying your games in T & L splendor!

    Good Offline Games
    Diablo 2
    Bulders Gate 2
    NeverWinter Nights

    cant think of any more......

    if you real desprete DL a PSX Emulator and have a go at the FF series i garrentee it will take you at least one week to finish on of them (unless you dont sleep...)

    PS. Superman your obviously a RtCW freak and i respect that but dont go saying stupid things like its the best online game ever...

    Counter-Strike is and has been Number 1 since 2000

    i mean for gods sake more people play the SIMS ONLINE then RtCW

    HALF-LIFE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

    That is All.

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