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Thread: Really Hate To Say It But.......

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    a state of confusion
    It's not scientific but my estimate would be that there are something like 500,000 less users on at anyone time.

    I can remember around summer this year we had highs of 3.8 million online. On average the most I see now is 3.2ish. Still a lot of folks admittedly but it is a worrying trend.

    At this minute there appear to be 2.3 million online - previously that would have been approaching 3 million. I mean for a Saturday morning.

    If this keeps up I can see it shrinking to nothing. Have to admit ive been trying out torrent proggies (very reliable)- winmx - and soulseek. Suspect many others are looking for alternative methods too.

    Shame huh?
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    You&#39;re not wrong. Have noticed over last couple of days users have been under 3 mill - first time for ages. Hope it bounces back because I love KL, but have to look at the alternatives to help keep me going.

    Long live KLite.


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