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    IE-SPYAD is a Registry file that adds a long list of known advertisers, marketers, and crapware pushers to the Restricted sites zone of Internet Explorer. Once IE-ADS is "merged" into your Registry, most direct marketers and malware pushers will not be able to resort to their usual "tricks" (e.g., cookies, scripts, popups, et al) in order to monitor and track your behaviour while you surf the Net.

    IESPYAD covers over 30,000 sites and is well worth using, its updated every week by the author.

    Please note that IE-SPYAD is not an ad blocker. It will not block standard banner ads in Internet Explorer. What this Restricted sites list of known advertisers and crapware pushers will do, however, is:

    * stop unwanted crapware from being installed behind your
    back via "drive-by-downloads";

    * prevent the hijacking of your home page and other key
    Internet Explorer settings;

    * shut down ActiveX, Java, and scripting, all of which can
    be employed to push obnoxious advertising on you and
    compromise your privacy and security;

    * block cookies, which can be used to monitor and track your
    travels around the Internet;

    * combat obnoxious script-based popups that clutter your
    screen and force unwanted advertising on you.


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    I just installed it and i am having a lot problems. When i first installed and set evertything to disable or prompt i couldnt post replys nor do clickable smiles. I figured out the the option i had to do in settings for me to reply was submit nonencrypted form data, but i still have problems with clickable smilies and i think any other javascript stuff. What setting do i change so it will work or what entry do i need to remove for it to work because i stuck.

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    Have you readed the IE SPY-AD FAQ ? How to install ,etc... ?


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