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Thread: Normal Download Speeds?

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    I'm using BT for the first time and am downloading Kill Bill, I have an ADSL connection and am downloading on average at around 13-20 KB/s...
    Right now I'm downloading at 13 and I'm uploading at 20KB/s... Normally my upload speed will be 2-6 or so K/bs faster then my download speed. but sometimes I could be downloading at 13 kbs and uploading at 30 kbs Is this normal or should my download speed be faster then my upload speed? What is the Shadow client and should I use it? I'm using the original client now.

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    you should use the shadow's client, it's just another bt client just better, with a lot more features. search for it on google u'll find it

    key word: shadow, bt, bittorrent

    speed generally depends on how many are seeding and how many are leeching

    the more seeders generally means more speed but if you have a good number of seeders AND leechers the spped is even better, often max out of download speed.

    also ur download is proportional to ur upload.

    so if you only upload 5kB/s u might be able to download 15kB/s

    if u upload 10kB/s u can download 30kB/s max

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    That's not true I am uploading 25 kB and downloading 2-5 kB - max payne 2.

    I usually average 25/dl 25/up regularly.

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