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Thread: Internet Sites?

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    Hi guys i've just been wondering why not make another section on this site for great/usefull websites. such as best website for general news or the best for sending free sms or anything of interest, i understand that it might all be relative, none the less it could end up being very usefull to everyone. Its all got to be free though, although we could have another section on others that aren't free, for those that have the cash??? Everyone could participate. We could all combine all our knowledge of the net to help eachother out??? We could make subsections on info on news, travel, download sites and so on...

    Let me know what u guys think about this subject and whether its worth going ahead with it.

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    Another section! sure why the hell not....

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    It doesnt deserve its own sub section. Moreover, posting it here wont help it either. Ask a mod to move it to About our website and forum section for more replies.
    I dont think its a good idea. However you can start a topic "Best websites" and start posting links in that. I am sure everyone will be happy to post more useful one's in there.
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    mods remove this topic

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    what about a pinned locked topic that needs personal verification off the mods?

    that way we can have a big list of the most useful and coolest sites, but no pointless crap

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    yep thats what i was would be great


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