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Thread: Finding Leechers

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    Hi ppl, I was just thinking.....every other file on kazaa has a: "share or I'll cut U off" or "Don't even bother downloading from me if U don't share" an s*it like that... I mean, do these ppl actually (or claim to) "find more from this user" for every peep that's uploading from even if they do discover some guy that's not sharing, if they cancel him, wont he just pop right back up in the upload list after a few secs ??

    Just some thoughts...

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    Yea, basically, they pop right back up. There are some hardcore leecher-killers and they spend every single second trying to get rid of leechers. I think its crazy. Sometimes you can't get a person's Shared List due to some obstacle. Besides, almost everyone at this board is protecting their private info from being shared. It's useless to try to stop leechers because we all have our reasons. It's really pathetic to try to stop leechers. It's sad how you can waste your time like that.

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    Its just Basically just putting a point across to other users.

    It depends on how many upload slots you provide, If you only allow a couple you can check to see if there

    are sharing, if they are not then there is normally someone else waiting in queue to take there place.

    Depending on what files you have to offer.

    Thats what i do anyway.

    Sometimes i just cant be bothered and just let anyone download because most people leech anyway


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