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Thread: Your Top 10 Rap Song

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    wats ur top 10 rap song

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    Originally posted by xxxSHARExxx@27 December 2003 - 20:02
    wats ur top 10 rap song

    correction: wats ur top ten rap songs

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    1 tupac-runnin
    2- tupac-ghost
    3-50cent- in da club-
    4-eminem-loose yourself
    5-50 cent- many man
    6 youngbloodz-damn
    7-Jay-z-dirt off shoulder
    8.nas-Get down
    10.Jay-z-Public Service Annoucement

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    1)Jay Z- Can I get a...
    2)Jay-Z- Big Pimpin
    3)Dr Dre and Eminem- Forgot About dre
    4)DMX- Ruff Ryders Anthem
    5)Juvenile- Back that A$$ Up
    6)Eminem- Till I collapse
    7)50 Cent- Wanksta
    8)Tupac- Hail mary
    9)Tupac- Hellrazor
    10)Lil Zane- Non Tonight

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    Twista-Any Song
    Bone Thugs-Any Song
    Tech N9ne-Industry Is Punks
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    brendas got a baby- pac
    wanksta- 50
    renegade- eminem
    fresh and clean/whole world- outkast
    i just wanna luv ya- jayz
    many men- 50
    ether- nas
    sticky fingaz- baby brother/ why/ ghetto/ sister [i know alot but autobiography of kirk jones was a fukin deep album]
    die some day- shady records
    i aint mad atcha- pac
    slippin fallin- dmx
    country gramma- nelly [i h8 him but dat song was heavy]

    so much more and in no order

    You talk COMMON but lack any SENSE - The Truth aka me

    Pimpin snow white like the seven dwarves - Stack Bundles

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    lil zane- none tonight

    that song was raw when it came out

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    1.)sing for the moment (eminem)
    2.)Criminal (eminem)
    3.)Move bitch (ludacris)
    4.)Fight Music (d12 eminem)
    5.)Kill You (eminem)
    6.)Marshall Mathers (eminem)
    7.)Act a fool (ludacris)
    8.)Hit em' up (2pac)
    9.)In da clb (50cent)
    10.)Hallies song (eminem)

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    10 crack comandments - biggie
    jucy - biggie
    set up - too short
    had 2 gat ya -lynch hung
    i gets off - lunch hung
    walkin to my funarel - lynch hung
    neighborhood hoe - triple six
    gotta survive - tu pac young lay mac dre
    every single bitch - brotha lynch or x raided
    my papers - brotha lynch hung
    what i can pull - devin the dude
    fuck face - too short scare face devin
    where i wanna be - shady sheist nate dogg
    static - tu pac

    some of my favs if you havnt herd 1 i recommend gettin it

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    No order, but rap classics are:

    Lose yourself - Eminem
    Unconiditional love - Tupac
    Hypnotize - Notorious BIG
    How long will they mourn me? - Tupac
    All about you - Tupac
    How to rob - 50 cent
    Sh*t on you - D12
    Forgot about dre - Eminem + Dre
    2 of Americaz most wanted - Tupac + snoop
    Straight from the lab album ..... (shhh)
    Say my name - Eminem + Xzibit
    Releast Ni**as - Eminem + Biggie + Cent
    Nas - Thugz mansion, get down, made you look, I can ...


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