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Thread: Newbie Want To Know?

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    Hi There everbody,

    As this is my first post to these forums, I would like to firstly apologise if this question has already been asked, or if I have posted this to the wrong group and if it is just such a lame question. Then my apologies to you all.

    Anyway I have been online for many years now and I have decided that it is time that I give p2p go! I have got a broadband connection and I have just had a cd re-writer for christmas!

    So I would like to know which of these p2p programs (or other) I should go for:

    klitekpp 2 4 3 or cleankmd 2 4 4

    Then my other question, is I would be grateful if you good people would be willing to pass on any tips, comments or suggests on best use!

    Many Thanks in advance & Season's Greeting to One & ALL!


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