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Thread: Few Problems

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    I'm trying to add a second harddrive to my computer and i'm running into some issues. I'm wondering if anyone could see what i'm doing wrong.

    First of all, the old hd is a 80gig wd and the second is a 120 gig wd, going into the motherboard in my signature.

    i have my old hardrive hooked up to the primary ide connection. the cable only has one connection so this is all that's hooked up to it. the jumpers are set to the far left (meaning nothing, it's the neutral spot).

    connected to the secondary ide from the motherboard is my other harddrive and my cdrw drive. i've switched the jumpers from the hd to be master (w/ slave present) and the cdrw to slave and the cdrw registers in the bios but the hd doesnt. thinking it was a fluke i switched the cdrw to master and the hd to slave and the cdrw still registers but the hd doen't again.

    what am i doing wrong? i even go into computer management to see if the other drive is registered but nothing is there... any suggestions to getting this up and running?

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    y are you doing that? the two hdd should have its own channel or w/e its called...while the cdrw should be set to master on the other ide

    1st hdd is master and seond hdd is slave on one cable....cdrw is master on another cable

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    does it matter if the hd's are connected (together i guess) to either the primary or secondary connector in the mb?

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    It doesnt matter where u hook up any drive except that ur main drive © that u install windows onto must be master of the primary IDE channel. But then u also should consider the speed. If you have a cdrw and a hard drive connected to the same IDE cable the harddrive might run slower if teh cdrw is old because it doesnt support the fast speeds that the hard drive can support.

    just hook up like this to try:

    master: Old Hard drive (set to master)
    secondary: New Hard Drive (set to slave)

    Master: CDRW (set to master)

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    when i set it up like that it took right off...

    one other question... i have xp home on my primary hd, i have a disk of xp pro that i want to install on the second hd, will these confict with each other at all?

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    Why would you want to dual boot two versions of XP?
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    i want to run xp pro, which i would just have it boot from that hardrive i would assume... then i've had issues w/ corruption of the system files and forcing to reformat... so i would have xp home as a backup instead of having to reformat partions and the like....

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    If you want to have the old version of XP as a backup, just swap them around so that the new drive is the primary master.

    That way you have your master hard drive with XP Pro installed, and XP Home can sit dormant on your (old) slave HD. If you need to use that backup XP Home, just swap the drives around again.


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