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Thread: What Makes A Dj... A Good Dj?

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    What makes a DJ... a good DJ?

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    the way they actually mix the music. instead of scratching all the time in some songs like limpbizkit - creamer (radio is dead). thats a little too much scratching. they also provide good sample's like bbe - limpbizkit. lethal does a really good sample there. also good works are mr. hahns work with cure for the itch and session. session got the best instrumental of 2003.

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    static hum
    an unfathomable plethora of obscure, eclectic, esoteric sounds/samples/etc.

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    It completely depends on what type of music you are playing and the type of situation you are playing in.

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    banging out the rights tunes for the right time
    properly mixing songs
    being able to mix very different songs
    just keeping people dancing most importantly


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