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Thread: Tip To Not Multiple Post

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    This was first posted by The_Great_Dude. The reason I'm posting this because I'm still seeing mupltiple posts. I saw a quintuple post today so yea... Correct me if there's a sticky about this that I haven't seen yet or add to it or say what ya want or say nothin at all.

    Tip for avoiding Multiple Posts and yelled at  :

    1. When you post and find something like "page not found" or "cannot find", don't refresh or press the back button and repost just yet.
    2. Go back to the area you are about to post, now check to see if your topic or reply is already there. If it is there, then you don't have to do anything.
    3. If your topic or reply is not there, and you typed something really long, you could press back to the posting page with what you were about post. Copy that and paste it next time you post your topic or reply.

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    Have been doing that for about a week now

    Wish it was SORTED

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    Multiple posts suck...

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    Yep, we need somebody 24/7 to remove that shit.

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    Originally posted by Sir_Loki@19 February 2003 - 05:35
    Yep, we need somebody 24/7 to remove that shit.
    The MODs do.....I help jetje all the time or at least try.

    Sticky On This Subject

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    I was guilty of a quadruple post today, but having read further now, I should be able to make sure that was a one-off. Sorry to MODS for any headaches caused!

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    I have never done that thank God but thats getting freaking annoying since I have E-mail alerts to every post that comes in. Stop the multiple posts!

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    the problems with the double posts are site related so the mods and or site owner needs to be fixing this problem its not our responsiblity to be finding ways around this problem.

    im not knocking on the mods but is the site owner aware of this problem and trying to do something about it?

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    Yeah i figured the way not to double post awhile ago but sometime i'll get a triple post and i only pressed the add new topic button once??? don't know why it did it still don't

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    I think this is multiple posts is already fixed, from moving to another server.

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