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Thread: This Has Got To Be The Freakiest Website Ever

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    This "doctor" (or anatomist) uses a method called Plastination to preserve the human body for scientific exploration and education. Basically, it like embalming a body with plastic, which hardens forever. However, this guys takes it to an extreme. He displays the bodies as models engaging in every day activities. It may sound gruesome, but to see his work is amazing, especially if you are a student studying the human body, in medical school. His "works" are displayed in museums around the world.

    And here's the web page

    By the way, he is also the same guy who performed the live autopsy on channel 4.

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    I saw this bloke ages ago on that show Ripleys believe it or not

    I think I'd rather be cremated than be skinned and dried out..... creepy


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