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Thread: Configure Solwise Router

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    Can someone please give me advice on how to open ports on a solwise 130 router. I have tried researching the subject but have just got a headache from it. If someone has experience of this, or knows a good site on the subject of routers, i'd be most grateful. To be specific, i need to open a port to resolve issues i'm having with Soulseek.

    This should maybe be in hardware world, but i'm thinking the operating system of the router is confusing me so........i came here. I guess some might say it should be in the Soulseek room but more people come here i am.


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    Originally posted by What i said
    I have tried researching the subject
    I have tried searching without success, so came to ask here. It's not like i'm asking how to theme windows, or what is the best av.

    Get a grip you moron.

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    Originally posted by TheFilePirater@28 December 2003 - 02:36
    Look, don't bitch at me you little prick.

    What is your problem with me asking for advice on this?


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