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Thread: Does Any 1 Know If Ne Of These Files Are Real

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    these are the 3 files with the most users i havnt used any of them so i was wondering if ne1 has so if you are using currently or before and there the same file can you pease post 1 2 or 3 please and thank you

    1) title : nero 6 ultra edition with update
    artist: nero
    size: 99610kb
    filename: nero 6 ultra edition.exe

    2) title: nero 6 ultra edtion + key
    artist: ahead
    size: 51649kb
    filename: nero6_ultra.exe

    3) title: nero 6 ultra edition+serial (english)
    artist: ahead
    size: 51874kb
    filename: nero 6 ultra edition+serial+keygen+nerocleantool(suto).exe

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    Its quicker to download it from and then find a keygen

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    Originally posted by AndrewBarker@29 December 2003 - 12:20
    Its quicker to download it from and then find a keygen
    exactly! that way the file is corrupt free

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    i know its just the file sizes diddnt match and quit a few peeps sharing

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    as stated, doubt you would even be able to get the newest on kazaa


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