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Thread: M O H Rising Sun

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    what have they done to medal of honour rising sun

    the controller is all wrong it's not as good as medal of honour front line

    looks like they just rushed this one

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    Its too bad that EA rushes out its "Cash cows" series of games. These include:
    Medal of Honor
    The Sims
    Most of the EA sports games (FIFA etc)

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    i found some cheats for moh rising sun don't have to reload anymore

    game still crap though

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    the game isnt that bad in my opinion but then ur right definitely not as good as Frontline

    I rented it and thought hmmmmmmmm I might get it then i got a cheat to expose all the missions and realised I was 3 quarters of the way through the game

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    same here got up to bridge takes a while to get used to the controller


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