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Thread: Drivers

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    When ever I download the newest drivers for my vid car, sound car and stuff it makes everyhting turn to crap. Arnt new drivers supposed to fix problems and make it run better? Like when I downloaded new drivers for my sound card it made it all high pitch and shitty as hell.
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    Unfortunately, new drivers can Bork a system. Always, always, always do a quick back up in case it goes bad. Follow all the instructions before updating and avoid betas unless you like weird shit happening. God bless those of you who acrually like that particular challenge!

    Also make sure you get the correct drivers for your hardware and OS. Check the site for problems. Read the FAQ. You might find your problem listed. God knows I have! I had a bad vid driver once. I was inventing profanities on the spot!! If I hadn't done a back up, I prob would have had to reformat. I lost my monitor entirely. Welcome to the wonderful world of PC's!!

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