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Thread: Hack Attempt?

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    I was using my computer like usual and then all of a sudden the mouse went wacko. The mouse flew all across the screen and finally stopped. After that, a windows setup screen popped up ( I did not have windows xp installation files or the cd on or in the computer.) Then the folders were opened, In fact all of the folders on the hard drive were opened and highlighted. After that, it went to windows xp installation and pressed next. I pressed cancel quickly, went to ZoneAlarm Pro and pressed the STOP button. Everything went back to normal.

    ZoneAlarm Professional was on HIGH security.
    Other computers were not affected
    Linksys router was on More Secure mode

    Here are my stuff:
    Windows XP Professional (All Updates)
    ZoneAlarm Professional (Newest)
    Linksys Router with ZoneAlarm Professional enabled
    NOD32 AntiVirus (updated)
    Trojain Defense Suite (updated)
    Spybot Search and Destroy (updated)
    Ad-Aware 6 professional (updated)

    Was it a hack attempt?

    EDIT: My ADSL and Linksys LED lights were going wacko too.. Flew across like crazy!

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    have a look at your ZA logs and see what happened...
    theyre located in your windows folder

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    Settings are all adequate. It shouldnt happen. Things like this are not done by hackers. They silently wander in the hard drives and go away. Opening folders, cdroms are all done by servers used by kiddos to play around with. Have you recently received a file from a friend/aquaintance/chat buddy which was an application? and when you opened nothing really happened?
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    No files. Nothing was found... Not even spyware.

    The ZA logs are empty. I have Alert on high. It would have told me.

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    well i have a freind that can do that.
    i would suggest you turn off "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks"
    that is one of the easy ways to do remote desktop hacking from remote

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    sounds like one of your friends learn&#39;t how to use a stupid trojan, now most trojans can get through popular firewalls ZA norton etc, have u got AV and firewall updated?

    i could be wrong though

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    its most probably a trojan...the way you have said you had all your security beefed up and records of any one entering then must be trojan. back up your files and install windows again if it happens again.... well i would do that

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    You know what.. I found out what was wrong... My mouse was faulty. I got it replaced.. didn&#39;t happen again.

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    Originally posted by The Kiler@29 December 2003 - 03:45
    You know what.. I found out what was wrong... My mouse was faulty. I got it replaced.. didn&#39;t happen again.
    lol so ur mouse opened up every folder on your hard drive and went into the windows setup (somehow?) and clicked next and the lights on ur modem and router were blinking like crazy all because of your mouse? i think maybe you exagerated a bit.

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