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Thread: Traffic

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    I just finished watching traffic for the first time. Benecio del toro did a great job

    acting and so did the rest of the cast. This film blows me away, it pulls you in and

    lets you go when you want more action and suspense!

    what do you guys think of this flick and any other movies like this i might like?

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    i liked it too great film

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    Yea, Amazing. I Like How The Director Put It Together, How All Stories Fit Into One

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    I didnt really like that movie it was pretty boring to, I cause I dont like that kind of movies

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    I only watched the first the minutes then I felt asleep

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    well thats nice

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    The American TV show is coming soon
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    Originally posted by Busyman@4 January 2004 - 18:44
    The American TV show is coming soon
    thats the stupidest idea ever... mash is the only movie that ever worked as a tv show.
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