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Thread: Function As A Supernode

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    Dorset AW
    Could someone explain when or If I should enable "function a supernode".

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of enbling this?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Originally posted by FAQ
    What is a Supernode?

    Supernodes are an essential part of the network. When being a Supernode, other users in your neighbourhood will automatically upload to your machine a small list of files they are sharing, whenever possible using the same Internet Service Provider or located in the same region as you. When they search they send the search request to you as a Supernode. This request will also be forwarded to other supernodes. The results are then send back to the user. The actual download will be directly from the computer who is sharing the file, not from you. The download goes from them to the person who wants it, peer-to-peer.
    Any computer using Kazaa (Lite) can become a Supernode if they have a modern computer and are accessing the Internet with a broadband connection. Being a Supernode does not affect your performance noticeably.

    Is it harmfull for my computer to be a Supernode?

    No. Being a Supernode helps other users. Other computers connect to you, and your computer does the searching for them. Your Supernode communicates with other Supernodes worldwide to help other members search the network. The amount of CPU resources that can be used by a Supernode is limited to 10% of the total CPU power available - you will in general not even notice if your computer is functioning as a Supernode!


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