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Thread: Video/audio Out Of Sync

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    I used VirtualDub to extract the audio from the avi so TMPGenc could work with the avi. I selected the Lord of the Rings avi and the wav file of it then started to encode. After it was done encoding, the audio was off by abour 5 seconds or so. Is there any way to fix this? I tried encoding the 2nd part, previewed it and it was also out of sync. How do I get it to sync while encoding?

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    I don't know if your version is with AC3, but you could try this guide:

    Of course you can also try to synch the audio to the video manually. I think you can do that in VirtualDub, but I really wouldn't recommend that. It's a major pain.

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    Thanks, I'll try it and I tried doing it last night manaully, ohhh man, I wanted to kill VirtualDub. Thanks again.

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    This came up the other day and somebody said there was an option in VirtualDub, to bring the audio back

    into synch.

    Never tried this yet


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