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Thread: Call Of Duty

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    Been looking for Call of Duty!
    Played it twice, it's a great game, at a friends!
    Now I'm looking for a working copy that will play without the cd.Anyone know if there's one out there? :helpsmile:
    I either get wrong files or game doesn't work.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Call Of Duty

    Download the Call Of duty Cd Images from the about link(The BT Link is probably the easiest), then Download Daemon Tools and run the CD Images Via Daemon Tools.

    Daemon Tools can be found here


    If you would rather not use Daemon Tools, you will have to burn the Images to a cd then install the game and download a No-Cd Crack.

    I cant be bothered looking for a no-cd crack but should have one, if they dont search on google or even K-lite.


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