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Thread: Source Code

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    Due to my Special needs, I think it would be nice to just program them myself .

    I'd like to search for 'searches' 4ever (hard2find old planet of the ape series for example, anybody?).
    I'd like to turn off Kazaa at 'time'.

    I'd like to delete 'multi-selected' downloads that arn't downloading.

    It would also be nice to adjust searches like googles
    + - OR "" options.


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    I am sure you can buy the source code from Sharman Networks for a couple million dollars.

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    Hehe buy it or steal it and release here, quick quick quick!!! j/k

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    e-mail Sharman asking him about source code, he might give you copy. I would like to read his reply.

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    What does this thread mean.

    Has political correctness gone mental.

    In the name of the wee man, please tell me.



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    JW1, as you "want" so many things, the same most of us "want" to be rich, have an nice and happy life forever. But if you don't WORK for that, you won't achieve anything.

    Source codes aren't for free. So think about building you own program without too much help. You'll see how good it feels to achieve something that big.

    Search and you'll find.

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    I already did that.
    Not so easy, the multi-bothway-whathaveyou.
    Entirely UDP.
    w/ chat!

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    Originally posted by jw1@20 February 2003 - 09:56
    I already did that.
    Not so easy, the multi-bothway-whathaveyou.
    Entirely UDP.
    w/ chat!
    Do u have Screen prints of u'r program ?

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    Well, congratulations then.

    It would be great if you refine your program for releasing. I also have a good program for dat files, but I don't wanna release it until it's ok.

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    Maybe u all programmers group up and make our community a gr8 sharing program with all the futures kazaa don't have :
    Chat, auto discrptian ,multi serching, auto serch more sources and so on ...

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