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Thread: How Do I Download The Internet?

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    <Ronlite> hey, does anyone here know where I can download a Dtch version of the internet?
    <Ronlite> *Dutch
    <sockpuppet> i think the whole internet would be kind of big to download
    <Ronlite> Well, just the Dutch part then
    <KILLA_SIN> 1,00lol
    <Ronlite> why lol?
    <Ronlite> it&#39;s a normal squestion, no?
    <sockpuppet> how do you download the internet?
    <Ronlite> I mean, this is about sharing, no?
    <JokerFMJ> You mean you want to read stuff in Dutch? lol
    <Ronlite> That&#39;s my question
    <KILLA_SIN> 1,00cause ya funny you ant goin to be able to find a dutch internet
    <JokerFMJ> Install Dutch language packs? and only go to sites that end in .nu?
    <KILLA_SIN> 1,00lol
    <Ronlite> Well, it&#39;s all English now, and I prefer to read it in Dutch.
    <JokerFMJ> Put white out every few spaces on your screen so everything reads funny? Maybe you&#39;ll think it&#39;s
    Dutch and be happy?
    <Ronlite> So there is a Dutch internet pack?
    <Ronlite> Where can I find that?
    <v_Virus_v> _
    <sockpuppet> 10 Johnny Cash - 7Hurt 10 [192kbps] 1Download: &#33;sockpuppet 624
    <JokerFMJ> Just a language patch, but that just let&#39;s you read Dutch languages.
    <Yusuke> .nu.....i thought dutch sites ended in .de
    <JokerFMJ> Maybe, I don&#39;t know. =D
    <JokerFMJ> .nu is close... lol
    <sockpuppet> go to google
    <sockpuppet> and search for dutch goverment
    <Ronlite> But I want to download it.
    <sockpuppet> or dutch official
    <Ronlite> In the shop they must havre installed the wrong version
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    <sockpuppet> i could send you some pictures of dutch hunnies
    <JokerFMJ> Anyone here have a lot of music on their cpu and do some CD ripping?
    <Ronlite> I&#39;m not Dutch sockpuppet, I&#39;m Belgian. But we speak the same language
    <JokerFMJ> lol
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    <JokerFMJ> I read that so wrong, but it was so much finnier that way. =D
    <sockpuppet> how did you read it
    <sockpuppet> hahaha
    <sockpuppet> you mean like i was calling everybody here hunnies
    <JokerFMJ> "I&#39;m not a dutch sockpuppet, I&#39;m Belgian, but we speak the same language."
    <sockpuppet> oh hehe
    <sockpuppet> 10 Joy Division - 7Atmosphere 10 [128kbps] 1Download: &#33;sockpuppet 625
    <Ronlite> So no help here?
    <Ronlite> ((
    <sockpuppet> i don&#39;t really understand what you want to do
    <JokerFMJ> Me neither.
    <Ronlite> Well, I want the Dutch Version of internet
    <Ronlite> Jst like Windows has a Dutch version
    <JokerFMJ> There&#39;s only one version, and it&#39;s multilingual/multicultural.
    <JokerFMJ> It&#39;s mix and match.
    <JokerFMJ> Hey, Sock, can you send me a list of all your mp3&#39;s?
    <sockpuppet> i dont know if i can
    <sockpuppet> hehe
    <JokerFMJ> lol K
    <Ronlite> So there&#39;s no partial download of just the Dtch part?
    <Ronlite> *Dutch
    <JokerFMJ> Nope, there&#39;s no download for any of the Internet, it&#39;s not a program, it&#39;s a lifeless living thing.
    <sockpuppet> are you talking baout Internet Explorer?
    <Ronlite> Yes, I use Inernet Explorer
    <sockpuppet> no no
    <sockpuppet> ack
    <Ronlite> Version 4 I think
    <sockpuppet> i mean
    <Ronlite> ack?
    <Ronlite> what is ack?
    <sockpuppet> saying you want to download the internet is like saying you want to buy all the cars in the world
    <JokerFMJ> lol
    <Ronlite> Well, I want to find it on Kazaa. That&#39;s free. ))
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    <who> has anyone heard of Voltes V?
    <who> or Voltes 5
    <sockpuppet> Ronlite: Do you know the concept of infinity?
    <who> 0/0
    <who> = infinity
    <sockpuppet> Because that&#39;s what the Internet is.
    <JokerFMJ> 0/0 = Irrational...
    <Ronlite> But I don&#39;t want the whole of it. Just the Dutch or Belgian part...
    <who> no its undefined
    <who> get it right
    <Ronlite> That&#39;s not so big of a file then.
    <who> undefined = infinity
    <Ronlite> Is there a Ware* version out?
    <Ronlite> I&#39;m xwilling to pay for it.
    <Ronlite> hello?
    <sockpuppet> hey ronlite can i post this conversation on the lounge in the kazaa forums so you can get help in
    finding how you can download the ducth version of the internet?
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    <sockpuppet> Dutch i mean
    <Ronlite> Sure
    <Ronlite> Thanks
    <Ronlite> Where do I find that forum ?
    <Ronlite> Does it have a Dutch version too?
    End of #KLchat buffer Tue Feb 18 23:14:39 2003

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    Just as funny reading it again. =D

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    Behind The Scenes&#33;

    **what really happened**O_o

    <SuperJude> look at k-lite chat
    <SuperJude> FC shows up
    <SuperJude> asks sockpuppet if he is the only person here
    <SuperJude> yes socks says
    <SuperJude> FC quits chat
    <KILLA_SIN> lol
    <SuperJude> download my music he says
    <SuperJude> FC quits
    <Ronlite> lol
    <SuperJude> that&#39;s great stuff
    <Ronlite> nice one FC )
    <SuperJude> I never did let metro know who we were
    <SuperJude> I played dumb till he quit chat
    <KILLA_SIN> he rolled out
    <KILLA_SIN> kool man
    SuperJude> commands like
    <SuperJude> whois
    <SuperJude> nope still not working
    <SuperJude> lmao&#33;&#33;&#33;
    <Ronlite> lol
    <KILLA_SIN> lol
    <SuperJude> but Ron, you are fucking hilarious
    <Ronlite> I liked the "hole in my mouse" bit
    <SuperJude> yeah man, the microphone bit
    <Ronlite> "Hello, can you hear me now?" )
    <SuperJude> "theress a ball in there"
    <SuperJude> nope can&#39;t hear you yet
    <KILLA_SIN> lol
    <Ronlite> Rofl
    <KILLA_SIN> hehehehe
    <SuperJude> fuck me man that was good
    <SuperJude> he had to be thinking Are they for real?
    <KILLA_SIN> lol
    <SuperJude> nope connection failed
    <Ronlite> Kazaa is free, no?
    <KILLA_SIN> damn
    <SuperJude> kazaa is free
    <SuperJude> yes better to get the internet off of I think
    <Ronlite> Damn yo SJ. You taught me sth nasty. )))
    <Ronlite> But I love it&#33;&#33;&#33;
    <SuperJude> hard core baby&#33;
    <SuperJude> that isn&#39;t on my side the problem
    <SuperJude> tell them you&#39;ll pay for a Ware* version&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;
    <Ronlite> k
    <SuperJude> lolololol
    <SuperJude> oh shit
    <SuperJude> Ware* version.....of the dutch internet
    <SuperJude> and the room goes silent in awe&#33;
    <Ronlite> Belgian would be fine too....
    <Ronlite> yup. Silence all around
    <SuperJude> that did it, they are afraid
    <SuperJude> very afraid
    *** darkprince has joined #SJ
    <Ronlite> astonished about the amount of stupidity is more likely. )
    *** Ronlite sets mode: +o darkprince
    <KILLA_SIN> hay dark prince
    <darkprince> hay killa
    <SuperJude> double nickz eh?
    <SuperJude> sockz wants to post the conversation
    <SuperJude> I wonder
    <Ronlite> Think he&#39;s on to me?
    *** darkprince was kicked by KILLA_SIN (NO Mass-MSG )
    <SuperJude> if we could post the little part here where we talk about how fucking funny that is?
    *** darkprince has joined #SJ
    <KILLA_SIN> lol
    <SuperJude> hehehe
    <KILLA_SIN> lol
    <KILLA_SIN> auto join
    <KILLA_SIN> lol
    *** darkprince was kicked by KILLA_SIN (Lammer&#33; )
    <SuperJude> oh boy, this is too funny though, a Ware* version of the dutch internet
    <SuperJude> lmao&#39;
    <KILLA_SIN> lol
    <Ronlite> Shit, he posted it&#33;&#33;&#33; LOL
    <SuperJude> okay grab this chatlog


    "We Love You SuperJude!"- the fans

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    Đark Princ€
    fc is funny as hell he just rolled the fuck out when sock said he was the only one talkin funny funny shit&#33;&#33;&#33;and he really thought that ron was lookin for the dutch internet

    all god i cant stop from laughin

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    You Better Keep In Mind That I Can Read Between The Lines

    Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to there level and beat you with experience!!


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