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Thread: Which One To Install

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    just wondering in all the codecs that are included which in the list do u guys install
    i ask cause i don't want to install too many that i don't need or have conflicting codecs

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    Just install all that come with the pack .Just use the default's that are clicked.↔↔

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    yes most will never have a problem
    you should uninstall any other packs before

  4. Software & Hardware   -   #4
    install codec pack 2.20f aka 2.20

    they dont conflict... dont worry!

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    theres nothing wrong with the codec pack (2.20) but its getting full of so much junk that people will never use, that ive switched packs.

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    Just install: "K-Lite Codec Pack v2.20 Full" with the "Default Settings" for installation...
    Works great here!!!

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    If I install "K-Lite Codec Pack v2.20 Full" and follow the defaults will these newly installed Codecs be accessible to other programs eg Windows Media Player ?

    What folder are they installed to ?

    Do all Codecs get installed to the same folder ?

    Is there a good article on basic Codec installation ? if so where ?


    What color is your Adkaf ?

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    They should but windows should have them depending on what version. Heres windows codecs>> or just use Video lan it has it's own codecs just rember to put it into your tools menu look Here.


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