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Thread: Klite History

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    I was wondering, after I delete a song or video or whatever, off my klite and shared folder. is it stored anywhere else in my hard drive? in other words is there history that i downloaded the media still on my comp after i've deleted the song, if so where is the folder?

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    It depends on how technical you want to get.

    The laymans answer is that If you delete something, its gone for good unless you manually made another copy of it. (If you did that, then chances are t hat you'd already know the answer to the question, so in your case its most likely gone)

    On a more technical level, the file still exists on your hard disk - when you erase something, its not really getting wiped. What happens is that the Operating system removes the files entries from the FAT, which is basically a really big index. Once that entry is gone, the computer cant find the file anymore - so its effectively dissapeared. However, the file itself still exists on the disk as residual data until another file uses the same physical location on the disk itself. There are tools available that can permanently destroy such files (they work by overwriting the file thousands of times with garbage data - the original file is distorted so badly that it can no longer be read), *However* its worth remembering that 95% of computer users dont know that that data even exists, let alone how to recover it. Taking such measures is only really needed if your destroying *xtremely* sensitive data that might have the the FBI looking for it.

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    so what are the tools needed to destroy the files...just curious, i don't work for the FBI or anytihng

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    You could use an eraser or shredder, Windows Washer 5 comes with one. Im using the WW's one and TuneUp Utilities one.


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