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Thread: Rabbits

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    David Lynch is highly rated in many movie sites and I also liked his Twin Peaks TV series. I know he likes to confuse his audience and I enjoyed that in Twin Peaks. But what on earth is this? Rabbits is a meaningless waste of time.
    We seem to rate movie makers by how much confused they can make us. But this one has no confusion, it has nothing in it. Funniest part is, they are selling this episodes online. Whenever we dont understand the messege of the product we just rate it high. Some people are saying its just dream so there is no meaning to it. I think 5 minutes of meaningless dream was good enough. why making 8 episodes of the same crap?

    There must be lot of Lynch fans out there. To save myself from them, Lynch made me write all these things about rabbits. Maybe thats what he wanted.
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    so... you don't like surrealism and you don't think david lynch should make films that you dislike.

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    Originally posted by 3RA1N1AC@28 December 2003 - 15:13
    so... you don't like surrealism and you don't think david lynch should make films that you dislike.


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    you guys did.
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    dont turn this around its all you matee'

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    lost highway is kill

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    lolz. my point is, Twin Peaks was david lynch's most popular work, but it was not representative of his overall style. since it was a network television show, Twin Peaks made a lot more compromises than his other films. he is a surrealist director, he doesn't make traditional stories with a beginning-middle-and-ending or easy explanations, so if you want to see movies that "make sense" there's no point in watching david lynch movies-- you're not going to be satisfied because they're just nightmare stuff with some traditional movie elements piled on top as a facade.

    yes, SOME people will claim that if something is difficult to understand, then it's "art." i don't agree. one style is no better or worse than another, they're just different. you can't explain personal taste, people prefer whatever they prefer.

    but your criticism of Rabbits was vague. is it bad compared to other experimental films, or compared to traditional films? 'cause it sounds as if you just don't like experimental films at all.


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