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Thread: Supernova U Need 2 Know

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    the site isnt anymore it is

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    1,806 and still work for me, though you might have to press refresh a couple of times. NovaSearch just searches that site.

    Note there is no E in suprnova.

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    yea its but its working. it just refreshes you to

    oh btw. I know of a site thats good for BT shit. its a combo of direct downloads (which I know are not allowed on this board anymore) BUT ON THE PAGES IT HAS A BIT TORRENT LINK ON IT.

  4. BitTorrent   -   #4 is the official search engine

    for more info about it visit their irc channel theres a link to it in the to corner next to the banner
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    Too many leechers on suprnova, try it is a great community.

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    Are you some kind of moron? There is still and it is SUPRNOVA not supernova
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    dude I just said that.

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    Originally posted by podgey@28 December 2003 - 23:15
    the site isnt anymore it is
    Some seem to confuse suprnova with supernova.

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    I think this site was set up to solve the brandwidth trouble experienced by it acts as a mirror.


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