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Thread: Gamecube Piracy In Hong Kong

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    News is just breaking about GameCube games getting pirated in Hong Kong. Not by way of mini CD or using a modified GameCube, but the Panasonic Q. Read on...

    "But these news are just too good to wait any longer: Using the Panasonic Q with it's DVD playback availability, the first Gamecube games have been successfully pirated and copied onto DVD-R format. We have seen it with our own eyes and tested them immediately with our machines - no hoax this time. They work flawless with both modded and "naked" Qs. Available titles so far include Super Monkey Ball, Star Wars, Extreme GIII Racing and Hyper Sports 2002 Winter. All titles are japanese versions, because according to our source, "american titles are not widespread in the Hong Kong market due to a lack of potential customers with modified Panasonic machines, which are still very expensive and people still prefer the PS2", but we assume this may change very soon, as we all know, asians are going copy-crazy for everything. The backups retail in the local market for around US$ 12.80 (100.00 HKD) and are pressed on Apple media."


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    i wub u Q

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    that story was originally published on and repeated on in 2002. it's really old news. really, really old news.

    and apparently an april fool's joke, if you read the comment section on that cubehacker page.

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    Bloody hell.

    Nintendo is so damn stupid for letting Panasonic make a different version of the gamecube.

    These game console comapnies are asking for it.

    Like look at the Dreamcast.

    You can lan your dreamcast with pc

    Same with xbox

    and ps2 games are just normal DVD

    Doesnt look like they are trying very hard to stop piracy.

    If they want to stop pircay they shouldnt make them so damn compatible with PC's

    The dreamcast had the best protection IMO with them GD-ROms but they have no brain since you can lan them up with pc.


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