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Thread: Why Dont All The Develepors Come Together?

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    Dec 2002
    Why dont all the Kazaa Lite Develepors come together to develop ONE Final version.

    Reasons for my belief

    1. -- People are confused. !!!! Which one should I use this that whatever!!! Especially Noobs

    2. -- Teamwork Always produces good results that lasts a while.

    3 -- Everyone would be much happier because of less confusion and that we would have ONE great overall finished product from our Great develepors.


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    Well, I must say that a good idea... Let's ask to the guys how they think about it... B)

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    They should use as a model....

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    Dec 2002
    Well We'll hope that everyone all the develepors come together and keep Making Kazaa Lite Better

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    Well, I think this is the best solution to this situation.
    There are at least 3 different kazaa "lite" version at the moment and people is getting confused.
    I hope all developers will find an only way to follow.
    Anyway thanks to all of you for your great job.

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    Besides the devolopers meeting of minds to decide what is best version and where to follow. Why not those that have websites or can host them. I host all the current versions on my website, and by god alone sharman will not take those links from my site. In ways i just think all the heads all the people that have ideas, should meet up. I personally am a security junkie, i can probe and prod security holes. There should be a groups that every kind of p2p user can join to think, just like the programing and devolpers minds may. In ways i think every person that has a opinon should be heard. Everyone that knows a crap about security/programing/ or even artistic minds, should all come togeather to create something, that may become magnicint. Brainpower and resistance to change can define us. It makes us who we are, we are p2p users we need to band even closer togeather. To help everyone of you can say our brother p2p users and make the way the internet was orginally designed for Information and learning.

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    why don't all the devs come together eh? well all the devs worked for themselfs like random nut worked on his K++, Rocko on his KLE, Hasnain on his K-sig & K-Dat and Aldo for the other tools (like IPupdater) you see people didn't work together, they work on their one. Paul managed all this programs in one installer and that's how kazaa lite k++ was born. they were all individuals..

    now Random Nut said that he stopped working on k++ cause he don't uses klk++ anymore and a lack of time. Rocko has always being busy with his study, so he doesn't have time either (but you should email him, i think he thinks KLK++ is dead ) for hasnain? i don't know. Didn't hear anything from him in a while.. and Aldo? Aldo makes only tools if paul or some others asked him (hosts manager, bad ipupdater) and for paul you all know.. he's forced to stop working on it.. so that's the whole story. we have to wait for a new generation of devs.. RN gave us a start with KLR, the rest is up to us..

    the whole point is that is was never organized, there was just one front man.. and that was paul..

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    Dec 2002
    DAMN THAT GAY ASS COMPANY SHARMAN..............................

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    You've all come up with excellent points, especially Ricky_1146. I agree. I think we should all work together. Now who's with me?

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    Im sure its in everyones interest for the developers to work together.

    So far, only some of the #klchat ones are taking the opportunity, as far as im aware.

    If anyone wants to get together with this team, then PM me and i'll facilitate a meeting.

    I must point out though, that there is an element of paranoia around, so some use nicks other than their usual in the development program

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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