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Thread: Most Underatted Rap Song

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    right i live in uk so may not be accurate for americans :

    commercially underplayed/rated:

    pump it up
    change clothes

    underated in communitiy:

    reasonable doubt album

    off course there is much much more but to be honest long to type
    You talk COMMON but lack any SENSE - The Truth aka me

    Pimpin snow white like the seven dwarves - Stack Bundles

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    IMO, the best songs are the one that aren't commercially released. By that I mean disses, underground remixes, freestyles, vinyls, etc.

    Especially [Eminem/Dr. Dre/Tupac/Obie Trice/50 Cent/Jay Z] ones

    Those (songs, not artists ) may be underrated, but they're just as good.


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