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Thread: The Dave

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    didnt you make and post said picture
    That picture is on a private password protected area in a forum that has fuck all to do with k-lite. Also, you DO NOT post pix of people you "know" without asking first - thats it.

    J'Pols bullshit excuses about "dl'ing" from the internet STILL does not give him any rights to post before asking. - hes a cunt - point blank!!

    No point in discussing him anyways - water off a ducks ass as far as he's concerned.

    Dont get sucked into his own garbage pile - he aint worth it!!

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    that was so 40 mins ago!

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    If you have an issue with a member please PM a moderator, and if you want to tell something to a specific member then please PM that member.

    Also please try and keep above the name-calling level.

    Thank you.


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