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Thread: Helllllllp

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    ok i have 67 downloads, half of which are almost done and not one of the f***ers will finish!!!!
    they are always askin for more sources or are remotly queued!
    they DO attempt to connect to their users but they never do and they then ask for more sorces again!

    its like the people who have the files will never come back online or the ones who do come online never have free upload slots!
    now you will probably tell me to try deleating some of em but ... i dont want to because they took awhile to find and .... i suppose you could call them rare!

    also i need to know how to find out if the user you are uploading files to, shares files or not because i dont want to share my files to users who dont share!
    BTW i know about the "search more of the same user" but when nothing comes up it doesnt always mean that they dont share because people usually disable that anyway!

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    This has been said thousands of times... We cant find out if the people were uploading to are sharing or not!

    And what do you want us to do about your files not finishing?

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    There could be a 1000 reasons why you cant connect to the people who your downloading off...
    All you can do is leave them downloading and try jumping supernodes till you connect...Dont expect this to happen straight away..Ive jumped supernodes for 2 weeks before i found someone with the rest of the file I was seeking..

    It wont happen straight away, but it will happen

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    Remeber data is dowloaded in chunks yopur next piece is prob a big 1 and it may take a while to find the right source.


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