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Thread: Trouble With K-lite 2.4.3

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    I have used K-lite for around a year and only occasionally have had this problem. When I start K-lite I get an error report screen showing that KazaaLite.kpp has encountered a problem and needs to close. Usually I could correct this simply by restarting K-lite. However, this has been going on continually for about 2 weeks. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled with the same results. I have the exact same version installed on my other computer and have had absolutely no trouble with it. What's going on? I've already downloaded e-mule and have thinking about switching to Clean KMD even though I know very little about. Some help would be appreciated.

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    Clean kmd is the newest version of k-lite i suggest updating. Click me

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    have you tried to remove your db folder as well before you reinstall.

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