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Thread: Msn Display Pic

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    I'm pretty dedicated to keeping my PC clutter free. I use a few Reg cleaners and hd cleaners.
    Yet having done the usual sweep with them, I still see an old display pic when I go into the menu to change it on msn.
    Where are they being stored?
    I wish to delete this from the family PC.
    Its nothing dodgy B)

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    it keeps temp backgrounds in C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Microsoft\MSN Messenger
    there's some temp files in there with names like 9a1443e26 & stuff. check in those.
    I believe it's the usertiles folder....they're all .tmp files.

    to verify the one your looking for, just right click on of the .tmp files > Open With > Select Prog from list > Windows Picture & Fax Viewer

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    I couldnt find that folder. Is it XP ? I do not have XP :helpsmile:


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