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Thread: Limiting Dl Speed In Kazaa

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    Limiting dl speed in kazaa. is there any way of doing so? because i dont want to be dling at full speed. i want to be able to play games or surf the net also at a steady speed. when I try and play CS my ping is horrible because kazaa is dling at full speed all the time.

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    I have found the only way to ensure smooth AnYtHiNg while using a P2P client is to "shut it down". I run the P2P client when I don't require the use of my machine for other online programs and sometimes "shut it down" when using offline programs since the P2P can sometimes give my HD a workout if I am running other demanding software and there is a run on my files.

    I do believe that in Kazaa Lite K++ you can:
    A: Limit the bandwidth of files shared to other users (Default 128k)
    B: Limit the number of simultaneous uploads/downloads

    Wish I had your problem many people want to slow the downloads?

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    Search for Net Limiter. Does the trick



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