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Thread: Shareaza

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    i'v noticed that this has grown from the installed size, to 900mb over the last two weeks??, thats > control panel > add and remove programs.
    can anybody tell me why its behaving like this, or is it normal.
    i'v never seen a program that behaves like this.

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    theres a shareaza subforum.... you can ask shareaza questions there....

    however, i might as well just answer ur Q already

    whenever u start a download, the completed file is created, a file that is (for example) 700megs if its a cd.... it takes the space it takes when the download finishes. This way, you dont worry about having no space when downloading files...

    you prolly have a lot of downloads on shareaza...or maybe just a cd (700megs) and something else for the remaining 200...

    did i make myself clear? i havent slept

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    why not post this thread in the shareaza forum area

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    slightly confused, as i moved everything out of the downloaded and incomplete folders as a experement.
    thanks for the swift reply, i'l try else were before i annoy to many people with being in the wrong forum and my spelling


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