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Thread: My Leaving

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    I would like to point out that I was going to post this letter yesterday when my computer had to be closed down. I read all the events in the Lounge later last night. With sadness. I was going to amend this letter accordingly. But I would consider that to be cheating so I have left it as it was.


    Hello everyone. I have come back into the Forum one more time to finally say farewell to all the friends that I have here. Also I would like to clear up the reason for my leaving the Forum: Now a lot of you will think that my reasons were pretty flimsy. I will give you a rough outline, not mentioning any names; personally I think that the anonymity of any member is sacrosanct. This instant was reported to the board on my instructions by a senior board member, whom I asked for guidance. I would also like to thank ( my agent, oops sorry wrong speech ) My friends Snny and Jonno and Titey who I think had swords drawn at the ready , everyone else who have expressed a loss at my departing from the Forum.. Well I think we should draw a veil over the whole thing and let the Forum continue to be an enjoyment to everyone. So please stop the in fighting now, for the festive season at least, You can start flaming again in the new year. I do not want anyone fighting on my behalf. Though I think it is only natural for friends to do this. Nor do I want members fighting against me, especially if they have a bigger keyboards than me.

    Before I go further let me explain a few details about myself, not to excuse myself, but to add to the whole picture. I am male (Close your eyes to that bit SG ), in my 65th year. I suffer from Alzheimers, which happily is under control. Because of this I must attend a psychiatrist every so often who assesses my memory loss etc.(He also asks how Titey is getting on ). I have joked openly about this, on many occasions. Four years ago underwent a triple bypass operation. I have never disclosed this until now. That is the reason that I keep to the Lounge where I cannot get into any heated debates. Until recently that is.

    My reason(s) for leaving were as follows:

    During the day and well into the night of the 22nd I was involved in a couple of discussions on the Forum. Once where I was advocating the 'coming out' of holders of multiple accounts. The other about changing usernames on accounts. On both of these threads there was a little heat distribution, for obvious reasons. On the latter thread, I ended up losing my cool and abandoned the argument completely. More through frustration than anything else. The inability to get a point (Or pointer ) over does that to me. The fact that that all the information I was arguing against went against everything that I had taught. I was also arguing against someone who was arguing in the third person. If that is the correct phrase to use.

    I later received a PM from the person whom I was arguing with, containing two or three points relating to the last thread. It also contained a statement to the effect "I did not know that you were seeing a psychiatrist, you seem OK to me" these are not the exact words, but the gist. In my opinion this looked like I was being told "You may be right, but I am not the one seeing a psychiatrist.

    I immediately replied that I thought that this was an abhorrent statement under the circumstances and that there was absolutely no reason for it to be brought up. Again these are not the actual words but the gist. The member immediately apologised for any offence taken and indicated that it was not their intention to offend. I also informed this member that my intention was to report this.

    I copied the PM, together with my replies and asked the advice of a senior member of this board as to what action I should take. I also intimated that I was going to report the matter to administration whatever. The senior member, with my blessing immediately handed over the material to administration. So this was now two members that thought that this PM was unnecessary and in the whole context of the situation, offensive.

    Shortly after this, remembering that this is around 2a.m. a post is made in the Forum asking if J'Pol and JPaul are one and the same. Or words to that effect. It also contained , a quote by me pointing to the fact that JP does not hide his accounts, they are obvious. The quote, also by me, stated that I was not the only one who should be seeing a psychiatrist. I thought strange that this should appear at this time in the morning. Especially as there was another quote available, in the same thread, that did not contain the psychiatrist part of the JP quote. Just for fun, I PM'd the poster and said 'Thanks for letting me know what one of your other accounts is". I may have wrongly assumed that this quote had been deliberately 'bumped'. I received no reply, not even a smiley.

    I may be completely in the wrong, and you may think I have been paranoid about the whole thing. But remember I sought advice before I did anything.

    As for me leaving the board, I do not think I could continue while this type of thing is going on in the background. As far as I know no action was taken about this 'incident' by the administration. Frankly I no longer care.

    As for who was involved? Anyone with a grain of common sense, reading the posts will realise who it is. Will the two of you promise not to tell anyone?

    Just before I go. I was born on the first of April and noticed the newcomer Hypodermic coming on the scene. I think I may have a worthy successor, though I donít agree with everything he/she is saying. How many of you noticed the Hypo, Hypodermic and Needle connection I did.

    So I will say my final farewells, Please promise to get the board back to what it was three or four months ago. I will particularly miss Snny, Jonno, Titey, Fugs(Who will be BigBoabied no more), Clocker, UKman, OZ/Hon, Sheila, SG, Hobbes, Gemby, Wormless(I could go on) and all the other friends I have met in the short time I have been here. OH NO! I nearly forgot the apple sessions with JP. Keep leaving one under the viaduct for me JP

    I know I am still meeting some of them in another place. That is some consolation.
    So PLEASE cut out all this in fighting and get back to abnormality .

    The best way to keep a secret:- Tell everyone not to tell anyone.

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    well, farewell bigboab, and good luck in everything you try.

    we are allways here for you if you ever need anything from us, dont be shy to ask!!

    farewell my friend,

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    All the best in your travels Bigboab. As I've said many times already, I am sorry that I have offended you and it was never my intent. You're always welcome here should you wish to come back any time.

    Have an apple on me - it is the least you deserve.

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    tralalala's Avatar The Almighty
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    May 2003
    thats sweet Liam... an apple... no, just kidding

    and bogboab, just remember: the k-lite board stands at your service at all times.


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    Anyone able to summarize the above letter?
    But said to see you leave bigboab, I know your loved here and wish you the best.

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    Mar 2003
    Oh no!
    I can only assume that you have in fact, found my beloved Anna!AnnaMiller! and are eloping to parts unknown to have your filthy way with her.
    You are a swine.

    I don't blame you at all.

    Go forth and pun in perpetuity.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Stay Cool BB..........Sorry it went the way it did for you

    Maybe in the new yeah we can get the old gang back and bring the lounge back to how it used to be

    Jonno B)
    Thinking about 1
    My Place & Arcade

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    Who's the old gang?

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    i will be sad to see you go bb.
    <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>JOIN MY FORUM TODAY IT IS FUCKING SWEET</span></span>

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    I&#39;m sorry to see you go BB and I think it&#39;s a shame nothing could of been resolved between any of you guys

    Take care and best of luck.

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