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Thread: Will Kazaa Lt. Slow Down My Comp?

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    I don't want to download the normal Kazaa cuz i know it slows down my computer. But does kazaa lite do the same? where do i download kazaa lite?

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    See here for a list of places where you can get it.
    It won't slow down your computer so much, because all the spyware/adware has been removed.

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    Kazaa Lite WILL slow down your computer while it&#39;s running. However, if you&#39;re not trying to download much and sharing fewer than 500 files, then it won&#39;t slow the computer down much if you have a >1 Ghz cpu, >256 MB ram, broadband (with KL++&#39;s upload rate limited to <90% of upload max), etc...

    Regular Kazaa will slow down your computer even if you uninstall it&#33;


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