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Thread: Warcraft

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    k i d/l the warcraft bin and it works great. but if i dont have a no cd crack it says plz put in the cd even though the burned cds in. do i have to give the cd somekind name or something? right now it just says NEW

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    you need no-cd crack go to or to download the crack

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    ya i know. just wanted to know if i could get it working without the nocd crack so i could play on - i have a real cd key. when i use the nocd crack and try to get on it says cant validate patch version or something like that

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    i think you need to use clone cd to copy it and i think it will work

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    You just need a Multiplayer nocd crack. I assume your game is updated to 1.13b. If so, PM and I'll send u the crack.

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    and the crack needs to be of that version I think... but maybe not cuz I have 2 games that go multiplayer with a patch crack thats 1 version old each

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    You can't play the downloaded version without a crack.

    Just go to and get the on that corresponds to your version.

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    For warcraft, the crack has to be of the same version. The current one is 1.13b.


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