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Thread: Help What Should Be Done With Exe Files?

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    I'm quite new to this and probably have a stupid question:

    I just downloaded 2 parts of Star Wars Knights of the Old republic (which are two exe files) but when I start them I get a DOS box for a sec saying also something about it being to big for the memory.

    Now I think it has something to do with renaming the files to ISO or something but I cannot seem to find the right solution.

    PLease help,

    thanks in advance guys

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    hope you know its 4 discs
    can'r do anything to you get all

  3. File Sharing   -   #3

    say I have them all what then ?

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    well I would run them through cdmage to find and hopefully fix all/any errors
    sorry don't have a link to cdmage but google is your friend

    past that you just need to rename it to bin and mount it with daemon tools or burn it, I would mount it as I don't like wasting cds when I don't have to


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