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Thread: Have I Gone Deaf ?

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    Problem : no sound. All "mute" boxes unchecked , volume crancked up , nada. Tried speakers , headphones , WMP , even standard Windows sounds don't play. The last thing I heard was when Midtown Madness crashed to the desktop for no reason whatsoever. Antivirus can't find anything , no new programs installed recently. Getting very annoyed...
    WinXP Pro , P4 2.66 GHz , 192 MB RAM


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    have you check device manager
    any ! or ? in there, might could just do a system restore if it just happen and rebooting doesn't fix it

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    Sep 2003
    Have you tried going in your sound cards setting in the control panel and turned off something like "digital sound" or something like that?

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    No and no.
    Tried everything I could think of - turns out my driver was corrupt. D/l'ed a new one , problem fixed !
    Thanks for the advice anyway !


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